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Pocketfulmag is a printed, ad-free illustration magazine, which searches for and aims to bring together and share those works that have their own worlds.

It is a non-for-profit publication curated and edited by Selin Yurdakul.

It is issued two times a year, since July 2008, printed on demand (POD) and sold at Amazon.com.

The idea behind Pocketful Illustration Magazine is simple. There are a great number of illustrations out there on the internet. People -like me- from different corners of the world put their most special, personal works online, just to share them with others. But those works don’t appear that often in the illustration magazines we usually read. So I basically thought having an illustration magazine which actively searches for and tries to bring together and print those illustrations which silently wait to be discovered would be a good idea.

If you agree, then send your work, and be a part of it!

Each issue brings together a mix of invited and submitted works under a sentence/theme. To see this issue’s theme and submission guidelines please click here.



selin yurdakul : selin@pocketfulmag.com



To contribute please see the submissions page!

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Reporting a Copyright Violation:

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